Film Adaptations of Sherlock Holmes

Dr. Joseph Bell was a pioneering doctor and professor at the University of Edinburgh. Among other things, like being Queen Victoria’s personal surgeon, he became known to his students for being able to carefully observe and assess patients.

During one demonstration, Bell questioned a patient, then explained his deductions. “You see, gentlemen,” he explained, “the man was a respectful man but did not remove his hat. They do not in the army, but he would have learned civilian’s ways had he been long discharged. He has an air of authority and he is obviously Scottish. As to Barbados, his complaint is elephantiasis, which is West Indian and not British, and the Scottish regiments are at present in that particular island. “

Conan Doyle was Bell’s student — medically and literary. When he published his first collection of Holmes stories, he dedicated them to Bell. He also wrote a Bell a personal note thanking him for his inspiration. This series uses the real life friendship of Bell and Conan Doyle and imagines them to be their own crime-fighting team. With Bell as the brilliant Sherlock and Conan Doyle as the astute chronicler, it’s easy to believe these adventures could have happened.

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