In Our Headphones: February 2022

Hey everyone!

Time flies by so fast and March is already here. And as you know, we can’t say goodbye to February without sharing the bobs that We were jamming for the last couple of weeks.

First up is irKiril who, as he says, wanted to speed up the tempo this month and his picks are the result of that. According to him “All my picks can fall as being more melodic (less typical) for this genre and for me the tune called Life has very motivational lyrics. Mr.Williamz and IRAH are also two great lyricist who do their thing on the masterful rhythms done by top producers in the Junglist game such as Shy Fx and Chase & Status! So hey everyone keep it up and keep it strong! “

Next we have @Emil who activated his nostalgic mood.

“Started watching a German TV series and this track is the opener for the second season (Deutschland 86). I used to listen to Joy Division a lot when I was younger so this hit right at home for me. It’s a club worthy post- punk tune that every fan of the genre will surely enjoy! The series has some great OST overall by the way, so can recommend that as well! “

His next suggestion he discovered while visiting a friend’s place. The song played through one of their Daily Mixes. “Que me immediately falling in love with it and adding it to at least 3 playlists. I hadn’t heard of that band before, but they seem to have quite the mix of beats spread through their work. Smooth, chill almost jazz-like rock gives way to dancy rockabilly. Pretty neat stuff!

Speaking of old but gold tracks, leElena chose tracks from the playlist she created for the 10th Anniversary blog – ” I got reminded of how much I enjoy I lot of these songs and these 2 in particular stood out to me the most for February.

While on the topic, asVasil also wanted to share with us a song from the past. For him, the song is “the lyrical embodiment of standing up for yourself. “

Next, we have ereJeremy who wanted to share with us this specific song as he “really enjoys the vibe and swag in this song. Sometimes when I need a booster to my confidence I love to play this song. It’s a little bit cocky, but we all need to feel that way at times 3

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have Dan (@Yordan) who had this to share with us: “Don’t be deceived by their pretty name, Celeste make some of the most brutal and aggressive music out there. The unique blend of Hardcore, Sludge and Black Metal of these angry Frenchmen crushes the listener with heavy riffs that tear your ears apart, vocals that pierce your soul, drums that bludgeon your face and bass that resonates like an earthquake. Plus, the album art on their newest album was made by the Bulgarian artist Mira Nedyalkova, which definitely caught me off guard and peaked my interest to the maximum.

And before you go, I also wanted to share with you one of the songs that I’ve been listening to these days. I was in the car and heard “This Love“by Maroon 5 on the radio. This is one of those songs that I am pretty sure I was singing the wrong lyrics to when I was a kid. But know I now how the song really goes. 3

Here is the whole list of our picks for this month. Enjoy 3

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