DVD Netflix presents The 2022 First-Watch Cinema Shamely Awards

By James David Patrick

Welcome to the First Annual DVD Netflix guide to the Second Annual Shamely Awards. This is the official read-along-at-home assistant to the accompanying Cinema Shame podcast. You can listen along with this supplement at your side or catch up later on the go. Listen wherever you get your podcast fix: Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon or Stitcher.

My guest this year is Raquel Stetcher, writer for DVD Netflix, the Out of the Past Movie Blog, Out of the Past YouTube Channel and Quelle Movies. During this episode we pick our favorite first-time watches from any year and any genre. The only guideline is that we must have watched the movie during the calendar year 2021.

I’ll list my nominees for each category below. If they’re available to rent via DVD Netflix, I’ll link to the disc and you can add them to your ever-expanding queue. To hear my winners and Raquel’s full list of nominees you’ll have to check in with the podcast! You’ll also be treated to quick hits from other wonderful podcasters, writers, and former Cinema Shame guests.

And by the way, you’ll want to listen to hear how you can win a free month of DVD Netflix. And now… on with the show.

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