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From your country in 2018, the program Sound Updo Spotify, ajudou criadores sub-representados Turn on the back – eo microphone – on the port of podosfera. The purpose of the program is to differentiate between the audio of the audio, to provide educational opportunities, research and access to the specialists of the participants. The graduates of Sound Up in other merchandise, like the United States and Australia, which are very popular programs that are not classified as podcasts of the Spotify podcast, include Dope Labs, Search Engine Sex, You Heard Me Writee FOGO: Fear of Going Outside.

Agora, quotro anos após sua criação, o Sound Up foi lançado em 12 mercados (Japão, Italy, Estados Unidos, LatinX, India, Mexico, Australia, Sucia, Reino Unido, Alemanha, Brazil et Argentina) en ajudou Support for creating podcasts.

How does Sound Up work? In this merchandise, 10 participants are selected to facilitate the program. The creators pass by an experienced virtual or contemporary experience, not just their narrative, but also experience the audio and video production and have a chance to develop their ideals. At the end of the session, participants continue to receive the help of Spotify every now and then, inquiring about a very professional professional of their ideals, who have the opportunity to break an original Spotify.

In 2020, it is possible that the people of the world who are living in the world are still living with the base of our social protocols of social discrimination and the risks of COVID-19, and Sound Up also has to be adapted. “From these two incredibly differentiated in that, globally, we want to show that our programs are virtualized”, compartilhou Natalie Tulloch, L Globalder Global do Sound Up. “But we also had the chance to see the history stories come up with their form, and before that we got new podcasts, é incredibly grateful.”

O for the Record viajou pelo mundo para conferir alguns doos participantes atuais e recém-formados do programma para saber mais subar suas experiencias et os podcasts que estoo criando.

Maickson Serrão (Brazil)

Pavulagem – Contos da Florestade Maickson, pod a podcast of new fiction about amazing folklore stories. The creator is currently working with his equipment to make or read all 12 episodes of the program. “We love the creations like Mãe da Mata, uma lenda mito famosa aqui, but we also have the disconnected content as well as the post that comes gente”, shared Maickson. “The intervening algorithms of traditional histories. These people live with two different rios of região and also our two povos indigenes of Brazilian Brazil. ” Due to its experience in Sound Up, Maickson studied how the program was practiced, even though it allowed many creative opportunities. “I hope that all the participants of Sound Up will have a lot of success and that the program will continue to impact the life of many other talented young people in our country. Muitas histories must be contradictory to the pluralidas or the fluorescent diversity of Brazil, ”said Maickson.

Samara Costa (Brazil)

ZUMBIR There is a podcast that shows the content of afrofuturistas. A criadora, Samara Costa, is currently working on ideals for episodes, and is involved in many ways. She recently visited Angola as part of her inquiry. “As histories and myths of angels have a great impact on me, especially som, the mysticism and the style of life of two angolanas”, explained Samara. “It is a combination of Brazilian and Anglo-Saxon elements that serve the base to create some episodes. ZUMBIR. ” Your favorite part of the experience Sound Up foi ver se episidio piloto ganhar vida, de uma ideia no papel a um episidio polido. “Pude sent a voice to two people, like elas falam, andam, como riem, tudo pelo audio… Foi fantastico! All of this was made with the technical and emotional support of all those involved in Sound Up, from mentors and organizers to friends who are always on the show. ”

Caio dos Santos (Brazil)

Raízes pod A podcast documentary about the stories of Brazilian families. In the first issue, Caio investigates his own origins in a word for responding to a question: De onde eu vim? The participant of Sound Up is currently working on the production of the first edition and has already written two rotations. “I am very fond of anyone who connects with the charisma of two personalities and their histories”, shared Caio. For the first phase of his journey, the podcaster escapes the constant contoding of the povo nordestino.

Lucas Moura (Brazil)

The podcast de Lucas Moura, Calunguinha, o History of history pod a podcast fiction that hopes to expand the imagery of negras sharing the history of negroes in Brazil and the world. Lucas is currently working on the finalization of roteros and encounters as sounds certified for fazê-los brilhar. Your favorite part of the program Sound Up from the artists with which we recommend to find the podcast. “Convidamos um artista (Lázaro Ramos) to participate in our podcast and listen ”, exclaimed Lucas. “Ali ficou claro para mim que o Sound Up um um a projeeto que pode ajudar a ampliar meus horizontes.”

Gigi (Reino Unido)

Gigi Acabo de terminar o programma e está trabalhando em seu podcast Journeys With Grace, which is a history of independent and independent research. From narration to the details of autorespoints, the experience of Gigi no Sound Up trouses many newcomers to the industry. Your favorite part of the process is to develop a trailer and a full episode. “Combir meu trailer with paisagens sonoras and add the audio studio aqui and ali foi divertido para mim – um pouco estressante di divertido”, explicitly or podcaster. “Creative, entrepreneurial, I want to conclude that this is a super legal moment. This is emotionally insubstantial. ” Agora, your focus is to develop or rotate and encounter a maneira of convincing ouvintes for your maneira program. “I believe in this process, to make my vision come true for everyone.

For creators of Reino Unido and Ireland, there is no interest in Sound Up program, as inscriptions are still there. March 14, 2022. Envie your signature aqui.

Fatima Hellgren Camara (Sucia)

Podcast de Fatima Hellgren Camara, Välkommen till Ön (Bem-vindo à Ilha) é um olhar cômico about irritating people and frustrating their lives. Every time there are discus essays and if there is a demand for a desert, it is very, very distant. At the end of the second half of your season, you will find that Fatima opens and edits and produces your favorite episodes. Your favorite part of Sound Up? “Every opportunity to teach a conjugation of habilidad totally new”, shared the presenter. “No, my favorite part is to familiarize me with the technical equipment.”

Roba Kadhem (Sucia)

At the end of your terrified time, Lyssna Tjejer (Listen Girls) é um podcast co-hospedado por Roba Kadhem e Aya Said. No program, as you can see from the Pink Room, or the most popular group on Facebook, Escandinávia. For the sake of Sound Up, Roba experimented with a greater sense of community among other people. “Foi mito aconchegante ver essas pesoas incríveis todas semanas e conhecê-las, mesmo por meio de uma reunião virtual”, explained Roba.

Arunima Tenzin Tara (India)

Em Dinner by Eara apresentadora Arunima Tenzin Tara This article or section needs sources or references that appear in credible, third-party publications. In fact, Arunima is testing new receipts, releasing fast versions of the information that adora and lend or possibly possess about the history of aliments. There is no melody to his participant no Sound Up, every such preparation will allow him to come to grab the episodes assim that chegar a hora. Your favorite part of the experience at the very first time because it was such a wonderful show and that was its audience. “I think this exercise is something that I like because I have been criticized for criticizing or analyzing my podcast and restoring the audience to a particular type of persona”, explains Arunima. “Esse foco me ajudou a ter clareza sobre o tipo de receitas a serem incluídas no programma.” À medida que avança para a próxima fase, Arunima terá a chance de gravar sons na cozinha, criar músicas originais e passar um tempo aperfeiçoando sua voz.

Shreya Dasgupta (India)

The podcast Imagined Tomorrowde Shreya Dasgupta, presenting a variety of specialists that use its concepts in science and technology to specify about the future of India. Shreya is using it as ferramentas that appear in Fase Um de sua experiência no Sound Up para se preparar para uma nova temporada; At least there is no process of delinquency, inquiry and reporting processes to try episodes. Recently, there were two favorites of the program. “The first foi converter podcasters are incredibly creative”, says Shreya. “Every now and then with the mentors of Sound Up and others from the Spotify device, we don’t even have to deposit money for my ideals, but we also have super compromatid and intuitive views on our visuals.” Shreya em breve entrará na Fase Dois de sua experiencia no Sound Up.

Peppa Smith (Austria)

Yaama Mama um um podcast criado por Peppa Smith que se concentra na paternidade de crianças indígenas. For the sake of sermons and commentary sermons, the program of examination and discovery will be considered as a way to make sure that the filth in their community. Peppa is currently in a moment of inquiry, trying to find out the best information to use in her episodes. Uma de suas partes favoritas do Sound Up foram as pessoas que teve a chance de conhecer. “Tive reunions in that encounters extremely intelligent and talented people in the industry”, says the podcaster. “We are still looking forward to seeing other members of the team for 2021 with a brilliant, engaging and incredibly beautiful multimedia.”

Essays creators and their histories also appear in one of the two podcasts that were sent out by Mayo Do Sound Up. To know more about the program and how to make the amplifier see sub-representations, visit or site do Sound Up.

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