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At the end of the day, Spotify reunites the voices of talented artists from all over the world of EQUAL, an initiative on the platform destined to reduce the generation of music in the music industry. The first one, this initiative is sublime to the first by the first vez with the new Festival EQUAL de Spotify en Colombia.

At the end of April, Spotify reunited 13 music destinations in Colombia and its functions in the Bogotá theater. These women represent a great diversity of giants and goldsmiths, and juntas, their oyster monsters on the platform with more than 3.4 million. The artist in the cartel –Goyo, Paola Jara, Lido Pimienta, Andrea Echeverri, Farina, Elsa y Elmar, Ventino, Karen Lizarazo, Juliana Velásquez, Nidia Góngora, Mara Cristina Plata, Bad Milky Las Villa If a Spotify is to make a declaration in favor of the gigualdad de genero to all volumes.

The studio Annenberg of the USC on the representation of women in the music industry patrolled by Spotify, is one of the few artists in the list is a mujer. This concoction has impelled us to compromise generating opportunities for the artist artists.

“To make this change possible, we will expand the work of creative creations and create more opportunities for emerging artists. This is the reason for the global EQUAL initiative, ”he said Mia Nygren, Managing Director of Spotify in Latin America. “We want to do our part: we realize that when we empode the artists, more people learn and this music forms for the future. We are taking a look at the playlist EQUAL to have an experience in vivo for the first time, from the manus of a spectacular alignment ”.

Find out some of the artist’s, and then some features from the present, a continuation.

April 1: Goyo y Elsa y Elmar

“The best thing to do in the industry at this moment is that we can use our platform to make a lot of things with our women, build a camouflage for all the women”, said Goyo, thanks to the legendary band ChocQuibTown, where solitaire en el festival. “I always felt the urge to use my platform as a merry-go-round, and to continue with the legacy of many artists like Celia Cruz that we have aborted.”

“The musician and the musician will come by a pedigree, but he or she will be transfixed by the antecedents, especially the eunuchs who will not be able to accept the roles encapsulated in their guinea pigs. Here we are going to be misunderstood ”, says Elsa Carvajal, converse with the numbers of Elsa and Elmar, a multipremiado project of“ spirited pop ”or indie folk. “In my caring moment he felt that I should send my message or my music to complete a roll. I feel my musical orgasm ”.

April 6: Ventino and Juliana Velásquez

“We will meet the fans for the EQUAL festival. We are trying to be merry in the industry, romancing the stereotype that the merchants are not able to work together for the sake of our metas ”, said the integrators of the group Ventino.

“We can understand the concepts that we have no more repercussions like the hombres”, says pop singer Juliana Velezquez. “I just want to see the listings to see if there are a lot of women who have a lot to say to all the guys, let alone indie pop, preferring urban. If there is too much such a vulnerable image and we can salvage the things that we do not understand, we represent and we can feel poderosas ”.

April 8: Karen Lizarazo / Las Villas

“We are very happy to announce that this is the first time that we present in Bogotá as part of the EQUAL Festival”, said Laura and Lucia, the women of the town, who have been living in the town of Las Villas. “For us as comrades it is very important to be part of this movement and to be able to keep our eyes on other things that will disappoint us”.

April 20: Paola Jara

“This is a great representation of the mujer in this first edition of the Equal Festival and for the best of my generation, the most popular music in Colombia”, says Paola Jara, who is considered one of the greatest Colombian music lovers, en a genre dominated by masculine artists.

April 22: Lido Pimienta / Nidia Góngora

“The best artist to be a musician is that we can play music, romper, stereotypes, transformers and educators. We have the opportunity to arouse love and love a lot of people ”, says Nidia Góngora, cantautora afrocolombiana de timbiquí y embadadar de la msica de marimba carracterística de la costa pacífica colombiana.

April 27: Andrea Echeverri / María Cristina Plata

“We are supplementing the conciences and conquering the espacious graces of the feminist movements. We see that we have written about 25 days like “Cosita Seria”, which has a lot to offer and a lot of Violence, it is valid and we are more than satisfied because everything is perfect for everyone who likes it ”, says Andrea Echeverri, fundraiser and voice The legendary rock band Aterciopelados.

April 29: Farina / Bad Milk

“The ladies have a platform and mediums to make our point of view more prevalent”, says Manuelita García, Medellín Nacida Bad Milk. “We came to a place where we were always marching for the Violence of the Gentiles and then the mujer in the industry of music has become a reality. I feel like representing the mujeres and darles a voice like many other artists with the hiccups ”.

Get more information and get to the festival aquí. And you really, really enjoy the songs of these artists with the EQUAL Colombia playlist.

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