Kenia OS is currently presenting its first album “Cambios de Luna” with a unique experience for its fans on Spotify – Spotify

Kenia OS, Kenya Guadalupe Flores Osuna, saltó a la fama Hacking vlogs, he convinced in a cradle of content exitosa and ahora is a fuerza in the pop music of Mexico.

In 2018, his debut “Por Siemper” convinced one of the most emerging artists and the year 2020 of the artist RADAR Mexico. Since then, Kenya has continued a series of sensual acts like “La Noche”, “Bonita” and more recently “Joder” joined the rape. Snow Tha Productduplicating the number of oysters on the platform for alkanzar los 2.5 M oyentes monsulas and 1.5 M de sigidores

Kenya is autodefine like a creature in astrology, but its sign is that it is regulated by the moon. Ahora las estrellas se alinean para el lanzamiento de su primer album “Cambios de Luna” y Spotify lo celebra creando una experiencia inmersiva y contenido exclusivo para que sus fans conozcan una nueva cara de la artista en su propia voz en album clips en Spotif.

The first ones to listen to the new songs of the album along with more of their fans, conceive like “Keninis” who are assisting a private school in the city of Mexico. From now on, Luz and Kenya will be appearing to their fans in the capa that luses them on the album portal. The emotion is still there and it adds a charming charm to how the surgeon is doing this.

“Luna’s Cambyses” has a lot to offer because Kenya OS realizes that one of the songs to control the passage in this moment of life: creativity, sanity and proprietary love.

You have made changes and changes in the process of making the album that is because of the Lusa changes of Luna ”, says Kenya in one of the clips that fans can discover only on Spotify.

“The album is very personal. There are a lot of emotions within me that needless exposure to alguna manera. Hacker is this album was an experience that made me feel like a artist or an artist. Inalcanzable se volvió alcanzable ”, affirma.

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