Celebrate the Resurrection of the Corridors with the Playlist Corridos Perrones and Containing Exclusive of the Legends and Emergents of the Genera

From the Mexican revolution to the principles of the XX, the corridor has become a musical tradition that can never forget stories about themes like life and death, and the adventures of heroes and villains.

It is said that other forms of balladas epicas, a corridor suele ser a relation de hechos reales y tiene una moraleja en la historia. Since embarking, the corridor trade is only in its pervasive popularity in all of Mexico and in the frontier with the United States.

The era of the corridors of Nació with artists like Los tigres del norte, who, more than 50 years ago, popularized the great controversy over the history of the past, or the sea about migration or forms of life, honors or no. Leendas como Los tucanes de tijuana y Chalino Sánchez This is going to rediscover a new generation of artists who will never forget.

Yes, this guy is evolving to fusion the guitar requirements, the tuba and accord with the culture of hip hop and the beats of the trap to connect with a new generation of oysters.

It is not extravaganza, however, that one of the most popular subgroups in actuality, representing near the stream of streams within the universe m regionalsica regional mexicana. Of course, in the last few days, the escalator has added a 91% to the new world *, increasing the 24 million millions of streams on the platform in 2021.

Mexico will send the main mercado to the guinea pig and the passions from the oysters to the musical siege creature: the next day, the country will have an increase of 28% * in streams of corridors. The United States received a second round of corridors escalation and the next step experimented with an augmentation of 16% in the streams of the genera. The popularity of the corresponding corridors is growing in other parts of the world, mainly in Guatemala, Chile, Colombia and Spain.

From the maneuver to a new generation of artists, the most popular among the youngsters (between 18 and 24 years), representing 40% of all Spotify fans. The increase in the number of corridors of this generation increased by 116% in the last two decades, and these events have created more than 35 million playlists that include music corridors.

Rompiendo barreras

The playlist Corridos Perrones The story of the legendary como Los tucanes de tijuanawith artist prologues como Gerardo Ortiz. You can also find a new generation of artists like Natanael Canowho were convinced in the cara de los Corridos Tumbadosy Fuerza Regidacuyo reciente album, Del Barrio Hasta Aquí, Vol. 2alcanzó popularidad mundial.

Conquer some of the artists and bands that appear in Corridors Perrones a continuation:

Origin of origin: Tijuana, Baja California, México

Music Inspirations: Los Tigres del Norte, Los cachorros de juan villareal, Los cadetes de linares

The most popular corridor:El Centenario

“The style of the Tucanesas is making divergent songs that have a toque picaresco and are very available”.

Origin of origin: Pasadena, California, United States

Music Inspirations: Miguel Y Miguel, Chalino Sánchez, Los Tucanes De Tijuana

The most popular corridor:Tranquilito

“Originally, the culture of the corridors solo was popular in the cities of Mexico, like Sinaloa, but ahora is more terrifying”.

Origin of origin: Culiacán, Sinaloa, México

Music Inspirations: Clave 7, Los Tigres Del Norte, Los huracanes del norte, Chalino Sánchez

The most popular corridor:Javier Diaz

“Our music meets in the middle of the classic corridors and the new school, with an evolution in letters and tons. This makes us listen to our music with more orients ”.

Ciudad de origen: San Bernardino, California, United States

Music Inspirations: Legado 7, Arsenal Effective

The most popular corridor:Radicamos En South Central

“Our style is my style of guitar with tubas. We can talk about life in the calves, but we also like to have band music, some romantic melodies, a poco de todo ”.

Listen to music by these artists and more on the list of Corridos Perrones reproductions.

* To measure the popularity, we analyze the percentages of streams of corridors in Spotify and compare these numbers with the percentage of corridors of streams at a later moment.

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