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Spotify celebra a todos And all the animated artists express themselves in the image that is more peaceful, disgusting and identifiable.

This is what Spotify does to present the original new podcast Drag Love, dedicating a brand full of abbreviations on pop culture themes and various LGBTQI +. Además sus hosts, Dyhzy, Fabrii Watsony Lady NadaAnalyze the actuality of pop with a mix of humor, humor and diversity.

Create a personal, live fantasy and information

This is all Drag Love podcast. This is a search for information about LGBTQI mobility + in the región and dar voz a series of artists, personalizations, and personalities that do not appear in the main mediums of communication. For your part, Spotify seeks that the community drag queen could hack ruido and give her conceit in the society in general.

Since then, the hosts have semantically branded a lot of humor, concoctions, and news notices.

Sus hosts, las m dests destacadas drag queens

Drag Love Find the mannequin of the three dragons of the Drag Queen culture. Por un lado, Dyhzy “Drag Queen of Cosmos”, as defined, DJ and graphical designer, that since 2019 participates actively with its sets and performances in the movie Nocturna of Buenos Aires. Tani, as well as being apodada, is a destabilizing activist in the hunt for those who love LGBTQ +.

For your part, all the oysters also tend to have the opposite of the presence Lady Nada, The performer created the new portal that supra abrir sus propios espacios para seguir creciendo como artista gracias a su trabajo en redes sociales en donde supo expanderse y lograr conquistar corazones de todo el mundo. So dudas, one of its programs has more exits Montante Darling In the quail hav vivir a sus invitados la fantasía de ser unas estrellas con todos los detalles: desde tacos hasta el ultimo rulo de una peluca.

And for the ultimate I love you, Fabrii Watson, Famous in the beautiful scenery that recalls the nuggets of Buenos Aires, Fabrii is one of the drag queens locales more connoisseurs and acclaimed by its looks original, talented, and beautiful onda. This chic, Fabrii supo que el arte y el show eran lo suyo, por lo que poco a poco fue desarrollando sus habilidades en maquillaje, actuación, baile, peinado, y todo lo que hoy la characteriza como una gran performer en el mundo drag.

Let’s talk about Lady Nada on the train

The first question we encounter is the new public fan of the dragon queen culture in this podcast and Lady Nada Resalta, “First of all, there are more dragons in the country than an espacio that has not been conquered at all. Second, much delirio, informaci yn y, por sobretodo, love. ”

Además, so qué esperan de este podcast, Lady Nada destaca, “We really think that this is some kind of super revolutionary and very positive for the community. chismes que vamos a largar ”and agrega acarca de mitos y deinformación sobre su cultura, “We’re romping around with everything and that we’re like what we’re, not just dragging our feet that we’ve got models, canteens and actresses, and ahora hosts.”

To get to know more about this great world, Dyhzy, Fabri Watson and Lady Nad, invite you to listen to the first podcast of Habla Hispanic conducted by Drag Queens Drag Lovesolo en Spotify.

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