La Nueva Cara del Folklore Mexicano, Silvana Estrada, Lanza un Cover de Manu Chao y una Nueva Version de “Tristeza” para Spotify Singles

The voice Silvana Estrada Cautiva first for a physical physics and at the end of the day for its convenience and proficiency. The Mexican song of Apenas 24 years ago has been converted into one of the artist’s more promotional songs from the popular Latin American song, adding to the legends of the fairy tales. Natalia Lafourcade.

Silvana grew up in the exuberant state of Veracruz, Mexico, in a family of musicians and instrumentalists. From my youngest son, this guinea pig, violas and violonchelos que su familia labraba minuciosamente. Criada cantando son jarocho mexicano y música coral barroca, y luego educada en jazz, Silvana es una artista con un estilo personal y un estilo de composición íntimo.

Like a multi-instrumentalist, Silvana goes with the most frequent Venezuelan cuisine, an instrument delicaced that she synchronizes with the variants of her voice.

In 2020, Silvana convinced me of the first Mexican artist RADAR, the global program Spotify that helps the emerging artists. There are more than 600,000 oysters on the platform.

Luego que Marchita, an album I love that tells the story of a first love and a dolorosa ruptura, recibiera elogios de la crítica y una entusiasta reception of its fans, Silvana grabó un par concitions para Spotify Singles en la Ciudad de. The first one is a new version of the theme “Tristeza” and the other is “Clandestina”, a classic version of the classic rock. Manu Chao.

For the Record Talk to Silvana about this new leisure, your process as autor and what inspires as artist.

¿Por qué elegiste “Tristeza” de tu album Marchita y en qué se diferencia esta versión?

What I like most about “Tristeza” is that the game enters the melody of the song and the intonation of the melody, which makes me love more and more. This is probably the most advanced exploration in a version for Spotify Singles, altogether more or less nostalgic than the album version. It is a concept that even those who know it have a tendency against the trinity, as if it were an intimidation of what they are doing with their eyes and hearts with a lot of fuerza.

Why was the elegant hacker “Clandestina” and when was the intuition that would impress in this version?

For “Clandestino”, the original version of Manu Chao, is an iconic song and always vigorous in our Latin Latin culture. These are the words that tell the story of a migrant to me from the heart. Naturally change the letter; without thinking of ‘clandestina’ and as the cantonment supe que me había encontrado dentro de ella. The migration is a theme that always reminds me of the alma mater. This act is based on expectation and fuerza, giving the tierra amada in search of a better future.

Hacker this version means tomar uncemporal and find my lugar in it, darle mi visión que creo que es la de manyísimas mujeres mexicanas y latinas que cruzan fronteras y se discobren en esa soledad tan dura y tan hermosa de la hau “Sola voy con mi pena, sola va mi condena”.

Marchita is an introspective album with nostalgic sounds. What inspires you to write?

Marchita es uniaje interior, unaje que que comenzó con el processo de un duelo amoroso. Nació del dolor y del deseo de comprender las difultades del alma y salió a la luz ya la curación de las heridas. But when the pandemic appears, it has all the sounds Marchita Therefore, it is not possible to say that influences in the process. Since it starts, you can say that in the relationship everyone is reunited with you Marchita I have a lot of money in my life. It was as if he had come to the front to say that he had just experimented to write the disco pero ahora with all these concoctions alumbrando mi camino.

We would like to know more about your creative process. How do you write a song?

Miss processes always disappointed. Sometimes you fall in love with a melody or sometimes with a poem. Tengo que profundizar mucho en las ideas para poder darles dimension y conversirlas en conciones. I learned a lot and always had a book written by him that would make me laugh.

How do you feel about the form of the abbreviated secret created in a family of instrumentalists and musicians in Coatepec, Veracruz?

Create a musical and artistic ambience that gives me all freedom. The liberation of the saber that my instinct is the most important even when I am equivocal and the liberty of detecting espacio to fight without me within the discipline that must be constantly generated.

Who are the female singers who inspire you and are influenced by your music? ¿Cuáles son los autor que más admiras?

The cantantes are the ones who are recovering when I feel my son Mercedes Sosa, Soledad Bravo, Ella Fitzgerald y Billie Holiday. My favorite car is all the time Violeta Parra; She is an inspiration.

Listen to Spotify Singles by Silvana Estrada aquí.

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