The 2022 TCM Film Festival @ Home with DVD Netflix: Day 2

Midnight Madness! Well, this one’s a slightly more serious turn for the TCMFF midnight slot that you might expect. Past festivals have shown Roar (1981), Boom! (1968)and Gog (1954). (Meanwhile, I will continue to beat that Sh! The Octopus (1937) drum for future festivals.) The midnight screening is an honored tradition where the bleary eyed shells of humans gather in the wee hours and fight away the sleep that threatens every evening event. (You probably already dozed off for a power nap during Giantanyway, so you’re good for the home stretch.)

One of the most underseen gems of the late 1980s makes for an inspired choice at TCMFF. You might call this one a romantic apocalypse. It’s funny and harrowing in equal measure. Director Steve De Jarnatt dreamed up a meet cute at the end of the world. Starring a young Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham as new acquaintances trying to get to safety after Edwards overhears a conversation that suggests an already in-progress nuclear holocaust. A wonderful Tangerine Dream score adds to the film’s moodiness and our characters’ uncertain fate. Miracle Mile failed to find a large audience – probably because it dared to evade genre labels.

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