Spotify Celebra el Legado y Empuje de la Mexican Mexicana con la Campaña ‘Orgullosos de la Mexcla’ – Spotify

The Mexican music has a very traditional narrative. Songs like “La Jaula de Oro”De Los tigres del norte o “Corrido de Juanito”De Caliber 50 One of the genera- tions and the ability to connect culturally to those who have migrated.

Yes, these sounds, the ones that are called “regional mexican,” have changed to reflect different communities and cultures. A new generation of artists like Mexicans and Mexicoamericans Natanael Cano y Fuerza Regida There are traditional corridors with hip-hop. Grupo Firme reinvent the sound of the band with emotion. And act like Yahritza y Su Esencia y Eslabon Armado están reviviendo el sonido del sierreno. Juntos, estos estilos reclaman con fuerza su influencia en ambos lados de la frontera.

Todos estos conforman una nueva ola de la m lasica mexicana. On Spotify, the generation of more than 39 million streams in the New World in 2021, impressed by an increase of 39% in Mexico and 31% in United States. In total, this is estimated to be 150 million million minutes per minute on the platform. At the end of the day, the escalator added a 450% to the new world, and hoy in the day, one of three Mexican musicians is from Generation Z.

A new generation of fanatics is discovering the music that loves its parents and reconciles its musical identity in torno a cultures that albeit vengeance separates. To celebrate this connection, Spotify has launched an original cortometry that has created the evolution of the genre as part of our campaign, “Orgullosos de la Mexcla”.

El corto, narrado por Eden Muñoz, retracts the history of two Mexican cultures. El itxito de Banda MSLa Casita”, A song that Muñoz writes about the migration and the nostalgia for the queries that arose, reproduces the images with the same combinations with the family photos that a father has in his voice. Luego, the video mustered from his hombre in the corridor of Mexico corridor hackia a skatepark vestido al estilo de la nueva ola mexicana, donde los sombreros de vaquero dan paso a gorras de bisbol. The two cultures are visually fused with the creation of a playlist fusion in the pantaloons, which represent that without frontiers is the music and has evolved with new sounds, rituals and aesthetics.

Spotify is also implementing our latest innovations Fusión to allow fans to create a playlist with Eden Muñozcuyo éxito “Chale”Encabezó el chart de Spotify Mexico, y Banda MS, the Mexican agrarian conventions with all the times in the new world, which are still available at the end of the day. This ability to reunite the fanatics with their favorite artists has also become the essence of Maxcla.

“The idea of ​​Mexcla has multiple meanings for me”, says Muñoz a For the Record. “The more the melodies that we hear in the studio, the more meaningful it is when we talk about the fusion of cultures and all the different tendencies in our music”.

cover art for spotify playlist flow tumbado

For the day with the fluids of the Mexican music, creams playlist without many comos. Los Que Mandan and we accept definitions for emergent comos Sad Sierreño and the fusion of Mexican music with hip-hop El Barrio MP3as como urbana latina en music Flow Tumbado. Nevertheless, the sea that creeps into the clichs or rehearsals is still discoverable that the Mexican music has to offer, these playlists are the perfect match for comedy.

Discover all the new and exciting tendencies in the hub of Mexican music from Spotify and listen to the insignia of reproducible insignia La Reina: excitos de la Mexicana.

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