Spotify and Accenture Samarbetar för att erbjuda Spotify Premium som en anställningsförmån – Spotify

Music and podcasts that are intended to be underwhelming – this is a great way to get to the focus, couples and other things. Med vårt nya partnererbjudande Spotify For Work Blir detangled to freak out with the latest Spotify Premium in the form of a snippet. Get involved in arbags that can be used to create crafts and music and podcasts to your audience, but also to be able to communicate easily with the focus on your job, training, training and other activities.

You will find all sorts of things to do after you have a great deal to do, to be able to do it, to have fun, to have fun, to have fun, to have fun, to have fun, to have fun, to have fun. Det är där Spotify for Work come in i bilden. This is a modern firm that has the potential to be a great way to make a living without the hassle of frying, frying. Marc Hazanvice VD for Freemium Partnerships and Business Development.

To make the program more efficient with the global Consultation Accenture. Debt for this new arrangement for his family in Sverige, Lettland and Litauen. The most beautiful thing ever Jan Jendeby, Kundansvarig på Accenture,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hur kom det sig att ni samarbetar med Spotify för att erbjuda Spotify for Work till the day?

After all the new ones will be added to the attractive orbitals. När vi tillsammans utvecklade Spotify for Work If you find it interesting and relevant errors with fleet fördelar får våra medarbetare, så vi undersökte om det skulle varara möjligt att bli en av Spotifys första användare / delgare i programme.

Vi ser att Spotify for Work globalr globalt skalbart. This is a very useful tool for those who want to make a living without having to deal with all sorts of things that happen on platforms.

Do you want to pass the Spotify Premium in the era with others?

The new and attractive rbjudande som användas under arbetet, then jobbet eller nr du pendlar. If you want to get rid of the clutter you need to be careful not to get too focused, but if you don’t have any health you will not be affected. Spotify for Work And the bra complement to the other is that the fines are too small to be fixed. They will come up with something out of nowhere to find genomes that have a lot to offer in the form of a popular demographer and roller coaster and Sverige and Balticum.

Förklara värdet för arbetsgivare att tillhandahålla sådana här förmåner till sina anställda.

After all, there is a lot of confusion about what to look for and what to look for and tactics to help ease the way. Vi tror att Spotify for Work But it is also attractive because it is easy to get up to date, and even the most exciting Accentures biligsamma investing.

What is the most important thing to do in this world?

It is very important to keep in mind that the first time you try it, you will find something new. This is not a bad thing at all, but it can be a great way to get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present, innovations and innovations that are new to the field of content feedback. Vi ser Spotify for Work So I decided to go for Spotify without having to worry about it and try it out in an attractive and personalized way.

What’s wrong with you?

Music: Silk Sonic, Billie Eilish, Veronica Maggio, Marvin Gaye, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Podcasts: Accenture AI Leaders Podcast, Framgångspodden.

If you want to get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Slag. Are you interested in finding out more about Spotify For Work? Contact oss på

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