More Than Just Tarzan’s Jane: Maureen O’Sullivan

Starring Ray Milland, Charles Laughton, Maureen O’Sullivan, Rita Johnson, George Macready, Elsa Lanchester

Told as a flashback, the story of the film takes place over the span of 36 hours. George Stroud (Milland) and his wife Georgette (O’Sullivan) are finally going on a honeymoon after seven years of marriage and raising a five-year-old son.

George’s job as editor from Crimeways magazine keeps him tied up, preventing him from taking vacations or seeing his family. His boss Earl Janoth (Laughton) tries to prevent him from going on vacation, threatening to blackball him from all other publications. George refuses, is fired, and goes on a bender. On his spree, George meets up with Janoth’s mistress, Pauline (Johnson), and the two make a night of it. When Janoth discovers this, there are consequences that he tries to pin the blame on George for.

The Big Clock is an eerie, exciting suspense film with some surprise twists and exciting turns. Directed by O’Sullivan’s husband, John Farrow, this is one of three films Farrow directed O’Sullivan in. While O’Sullivan’s role could be seen as thankless, since she plays George’s wife, she plays the worried, worn and fed-up wife to Milland well.

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